April 1st, 2019

Hey, Thanks for checking in!!!!

Early the very first morning of 2019, I had a very powerful feeling that changes were in my future. Within days, this premonition (of sorts), began…and continues, to be quite accurate.

By mid-January, an interesting employment opportunity surfaced… an offer which I accepted. This was only the first of many changes yet to come.

First and foremost, Charleen and I began a new chapter in our lives, as we welcomed our first grandchild, Edward David.

In order to create space in our lives for these new opportunities and responsibilities, I’ve had to step away from a few projects such as the “What about Jazz” article that I had written for the North Coast Voice magazine for over 10 years.

In early February, I prepared the following announcement, which was then posted to Facebook.com/facevaluemusic.

“Dear Friends and Followers,

After much consideration, the members of Face Value have decided that the time has come to pursue separate musical paths. Though this may come as a surprise, rest assured this was not a decision made in haste, nor one containing any element of ill will.

We cannot find the words to express the immense amount of gratitude we feel towards those of you who have shared your time, laughter and love of music with us over these past 7 years. We’ve been blessed to have shared your friendship, as well as one another’s, and countless fond memories created, both on and off stage.

We also wish to extend our most sincere appreciation to the many fine establishments who have invited and entrusted us to perform for their guests.

We each hope to see you again very soon, as life leads us upon this ever-changing musical journey. So, for now…as always…Thanks for
Listening!...and of course…All Drink!!

Entering their 8th year as, “The Face Value Duo”, Don and Rich will continue to perform at many of our North Coast’s finest establishments. We will continue to post their schedule, photos and events on this page, and now at Facebook.com/DonPerrySaxman. If, for any reason, a new page must be created, we will be sure to provide plenty of notice, so that the transition will be as smooth and simple as possible.

Thanks Again! And God Bless.”

Charleen and I have been blessed to have made so many friends through my involvement with music, and these relationships continue to provide opportunities to enjoy music created in a variety of settings and ensembles.

The most recent of these opportunities has been 2 very amazing jam sessions at American Legion Post 103, in Ashtabula. The immense success of these sessions has spawned the creation of “Don Perry’s Jam-balaya!” an evening of musical spontaneous combustion, involving some of the North Coast’s most popular artists.

The event will take place at Laurello Vineyards on Saturday, June 15th. Please mark your calendar and plan to attend, for it is certain to be a night to remember.

Please be sure to watch the schedule page on this site, or visit my recently activated Facebook page: Facebook.com/DonPerrySaxman to follow the Face Value Duo or to learn more about my exciting, new Jam-balaya!

The 2019 schedule will be somewhat lighter than in recent years but I am committed to providing enjoyable, memorable performances for musicians and listeners alike….See you soon!

As always, Thanks for Listening!

Click to View - Newspaper Article in the Ashtabula Star Beacon on May 3, 2008

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Video Clip of Don Perry Duo

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